Once upon a time,VE Mart Trading founder Manson had a vision – an advanced shopping experience. “Why do we have to search every isle for that specific item ? Why do we have to spend so much time surveying just for one service ? Why not have it deliver to us instead ?” he thought. Why indeed.

Fast forward to January 2020,his vision has finally become reality with one simple goal – to deliver anything and everything at your fingertips. These days it seems there’s nothing more important than convenience,especially after the emergence of COVID-19. Here at VE Mart,we offer a wide range of selections from products to services. Did we mention how we love challenges ? Feel free to make a special requests for products or services that are not found on our page – you name it,we’ve got it ! We strive to become the go-to supplier,providing the highest quality products and services for the most affordable price.

Our Vision

To prove that everything is possible at VEMART while executing orders of all sizes across Malaysia

Our Mission

We strive to become the most trustable one-stop platform,satisfying diversified demand alongside providing quality products and reliable services in the long run.We also aim to inspire more people by providing everything is obtainable at your fingertips